Wednesday, 22 July 2009

iklan "3"

Ini Budi.

Budi bermain bola.

Budi tidak jadi bermain bola.

Hotel Budi.. di BOM!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

kelompok okk saya

G . I . L . A

anaknya absurd
but me likey ;)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

ih ih gatau mau cerita apa


aku udah lama nggak nulis blog nih huaehauheuhae (males sih). Jadiii beberapa hari belakangan ini gw demam. Iya gw demam. Oke, gw sempet dihantui sama pikiran "mungkinkah gw DBD?!". Gw nggak bisa membayangkan kalo gw harus cek darah!

gw anti JARUM!
gw anti CEK DARAH!

no no nooo aku nggak mau cek daraaaah!
dan akhirnya? Alhamdulillah ya Tuhan gw udah sembuh ^_^

ini sebenernya gw bingung mau cerita apaan. Masa sih gw ceritain tentang demam gw? zzz males banget kan, yaudah gw cerita kapan-kapan lagi yaaa~

Friday, 3 July 2009

so much to tell in a very short time

Okay okay i know it's been a very long time since i posted the last posting and there were a lot of things happened since then. Too bad i can't remember them exactly (what happened when, etc) so I can't write them down.

I do remember a few things such as :
1. I stayed at mbak rini's house last week
2. my little brother was circumcised (idk how to spell it exactly, so forgive me if i had the wrong spelling and please tell me how to spell it right) on last tuesday
3. I went to UI yesterday, I received my KTM (Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa) and my yellow jacket :D
4. I met kevin agaaaain
5. I met Thia, finally!
6. Natsu and I went to Plaza Senayan and I had a new friend! It took only 5 minutes for us to get to know each other and by the next minute we were laughing and chatted as if we were old buddies.

So why is number 4 that special? Kevin is one of my bestfriend and I havent seen him much lately, erm, like since a year ago? It such a relief when I went out of my car and Kevin called me. Somehow my driver parked the car exactly besides his car, so we waited in line together.

And why is number 5 that special too? Yesterday was the first time I met her. Yep, the very first time. You see, Thia is a blogger and I regularly read her blog and we left each other messages via tagboard. All of sudden we exchange msn address and ym aaaand we became close friends!

ermm.. i guess i gotta go help my mom now, c u later! ciao!