Saturday, 28 November 2009


Gw ngga ngerti kenapa tiba-tiba temen gw bikin gombal-gombalan dan dimasukkan ke dalam twitter. Anyways some of them are pretty good, dan overall membuat gw tertawa terbahak-bahak. You should read some.

Ketika hendak menyusun bidak-bidak catur..
cowok : "lo bisa main catur nggak ?"
cewek : "biasa aja, mang knp ?"
cowok : "tp kok lo bisa skakmat hati gue ya"

Di suatu kampus ternama
mahasiswa FK : "kamu demam ya?"
mahasiswi non-FK : "iya kenapa ya?"
mahasiswa FK : "ya ampun pantes aja, kamu pasti kecapekan berlarian terus di kepalaku"

Ketika seorang wanita mengkhawatirkan keberadaan kekasihnya
cewek panik : "kamu dmn?"
cowok gombal : "di penjara"
cewek panik : "hah kamu kenapa di penjara?"
cowok gombal : "soalnya aku mencuri hati kamu"

Ketika sedang kuliah kerja lapang
calon dokter kulit : "punggung kamu kenapa?"
pasien : "hah? nggapapa kok emang kenapa?"
calon dokter kulit : "nggak, aku baru tau ada bidadari yang nggak punya sayap"

Di suatu restoran gulai ternama
koki cewek : "gimana rasa gulenya?"
pelanggan cowok : "manis"
koki cewek : "hah kok manis?"
pelanggan cowok : "soalnya aku makannya sambil liat kamu"

Di suatu siang bolong (abis nggak ada ide)
A : "aduh aku kelilipan"
B : "hah masa?"
A : "udah enggak kok"
B : "kenapa?"
A : "abis mata aku abis ngeliat kamu, ilang deh kelilipannya"

Menjelang kuliah dimulai
mahasiswa : "kamu pindah dong duduknya"
mahasiswi : "yah knp?"
mahasiswa : "takut dikerubutin semut. abis kamu manis sih"

Ketika seorang bule gombal mengajar bahasa Inggris
bule : "kamu tau artinya pretty flower?"
orang indonesia : "tau dong!bunga yang cantik kan?"
bule : "salah. itu artinya 'kamu'"

Di suatu taman di siang hari, penjual es krim Walls datang. teeenonet teeenoneeet tenenenenenenet!
pembeli es krim : "aduh eskrimnya asin, cobain deh"
penjual es krim : "hah nggak ah, manis kok, masa sih"
pembeli es krim : "nah kalo skrg manis"
penjual es krim : "kok?"
pembeli es krim : "soalnya abis dimakan sama kamu"

Di Rumah Hantu DUFAN (ada kan?)
cowok: kamu kok kayak hantu sih?
cewek: loh kok aku kayak hantu? *bete*
cowok: abis kamu suka menghantui mimpiku sih :P

so far segini doang, kalo ada lagi gw update!

temannya ratu gombal sejagad,

Friday, 27 November 2009

kicho, i know you are like my bestfriend, but..

Pernah denger tentang Kicho? iya, temen deket gw yang sekarang kuliah di ITB. He's real name is not Kicho. He's Krisnawardhana (idk how to spell it correctly) dan panggilan dia Kiki. Kicho is a short for Kiki Chowo (HAHAHA oke, maksud gw cowok) karena konon ketika SMP ada yang namanya Kiki juga tapi cewek. So he ended up with that name.
So I was chatting with Enay a few days ago, sambil iseng-iseng googling about random things. Nyari lirik lagi, film and many other things until gw iseng ngegoogle kata 'kicho'.

"Nōhime also Kichō or Lady/Princess Noh, was the wife of Oda Nobunaga, a major daimyo during the Sengoku period of Japanese history. Her proper name was Kichō, but since she came from Mino Province, she is most commonly referred to as Nōhime (Princess of Mino). She was renowned for her beauty and cleverness"

taken from wikipedia. Nay said : Keliatan maho-nya si Kicho. LMAO Anyways, did you notice the last sentence? "She was renowned for her beauty and cleverness". He's a she first of all. And he's beautiful ^,^ told you he's pretty. He's my pretty little girl :-*

"Personal Info. kicho. Member. 22 years old.
Female. Canada. Born Jan-25-1987"

clearly this is not the same kicho we're talking about, but still. Kicho's a she? not a HE? Kayaknya salah nama deh lo ki kalo di Canada aja orang namanya Kicho itu cewek.

Kicho Ee Bong TKD form, pumsae, hyeong

GERAKAN TAKWONDO ADA YANG NAMANYA KICHOOOOO (kagum) I was wondering about how the movement is like, sampe si Nay bilang gerakannya kayak cewek joget-joget di nari dangdut (cant show it here, adanya di MSN gw). Maybe it's more like a chicken dance? LMAO Namanya juga aduhai. Kicho Ee Bong. Ee Bong. Ee. Ee. Bong. Repeat it over and over again, its sounds weird. Slightly it sounded more like "Kicho eek dong"

Go, Diego, Go! : Kicho's Magic Flute. Original Airdate 3/02/2009.
Diego goes the Andes to visit his friend Kicho, who has a magic flute

cant stop laughing because of this. Ngebayangin kicho dengan magic flutenya terus dari tas ranselnya keluar ular cobra sambil nari-nari india. NOOOOOO *_*

If Kicho has a magic flute, I want a magic christmas tree X( ,

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

during lunch at pim

tria : (opening her bag, looking for something) Oh shit, man!
me : what?
me : HUH? WHERE?
tria : at the ATM i suppose (runs)
koi tepannyaki's chef : ilang HPnya, mbak?
me : ngga, ketinggalan di ATM
koi tepannyaki's chef : PIM 1 apa PIM 2?
me : erm.. 1?
koi tepannyaki's chef : waduuh (panik menjalar ke sekujur tubuh gw)

a few minutes later..

tria : FOUND IT!
me : Okay tri, please dont do that again, like EVER!

i've watched Disney's Christmas Carol 3D and it's sooooooo cool!
PS : Christmas is coming, although I'm a moslem but I just cant wait for it. I love Christmas~

cant wait to decorate christmas trees,

Monday, 23 November 2009

bisa sign in (finally), cheers!

But still i can't open my own blog. I had to open first and then enter my blog address :-(( wanna cry. Gosipnya sih Menkominfo yang kayak tai baru itu nge-block blogger. I dont know for sure, but 3 people have told me this, no. 4!

So anyways I'd like to tell you the story of today (eventho I hav a LOT of things to tell about saturday and sunday, but I just lost the mood). So as usual, it's a typical monday morning.

I woke up, ate my breakfast while tweeting and plurking and chatting (yes, women can do those multiple-tasking or whatsoever they call it). Took a quick shower and went straight to UI. Straight to my campus.. at least that's what I thought it would be..


until my class captain texted me this : "Tmn2 hari ini NGGAK ADA FONFOL lagi. Nanti akan ada tugas utk ganti absen yang kosong. Tolong disebar ya. Tx."

The first second I read this, I was like "Oh gosh, I'm already on my way to my campus. Should I go back?"
The next second, I said to myself, "wait a minute.. I'm inside a taxi. It'll cost a fortune if I go back to my house with taxi again!"
And then again, "If it wasn't because of my grandma with this every-monday-I-have-to-go-swimming-so-you-go-to-campus-by-taxi it wont cost that much money, right?"
And the last thing that occurs in my mind, "I should call mum"

=_= what a waste of time.
Anyways mum told me that I should go back, and yes by taxi. I forward the text to tipaw, chui, dewi persik and chanu. Tipaw called me and she was so surprised with the cancellation. She was flipping out (and so was I) and start complaining about how she's already nice and decent and all ready to go, but the cancellation screw things up.

It costs me 50.000. From my house, turnover in front of Pejaten Village, and back to my house again. Stupid 50.000! Mungkin buat kalian-kalian yang tajir mampus 50.000 adalah hal yang common.

COBA YA PIKIR dengan 50.000 gw bisa..
1. BELI 7 DVD BAJAKAN, tambah 20.000 gw malah bisa beli 3 dan gratis 1
2. Beli gantungan kunci lucu di debenhams, oh no! I've bought it already yesterday gyahaha
3. Di Tutti Frutti udah dapet 333,3 gram yoghurt. On second thought, gw ngga mau sih beli segitu banyak xD
4. Pulsa pulsa pulsa pulsaaa jangan lupa ya beli di CHUI CELL : D (yaa chu gw baik kan promosi disini)
5. Ngga ada yang bisa menandingi nikmatnya dan murah meriahnya nasi padang. Makan, boker, makan lagi, mantep itu 50.000 cukup.

Jadi para dedosen (asal banget nyingkatnya), you should think twice before you cancel your class. At least jangan ngecancel H-50 menit gituuu!

#iswearithurts just lost 50.000 for nothing,

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

cant you see i'm dying to watch these movies?

YES! But guess what? I don't have time to watch movies! There's always these homeworks, wedding, family reunion, and every single damn thing that doesnt allow me to have my own free time and watch these movies. :'(

craving for watching movies in the cinema,

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

tugas lama pengisi waktu

1. put your iTunes on shuffle
2. let the songs answer the questions, and give the comment
4. don't forget to tag people

1. what's my mood like right now? Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
comment: Whatever I feel right now, it's because of you... whoever you are lol

2. how's tomorrow going to be for me? Honey honey - ost Mamma Mia
comment: honey honey how he thrills me, aha honey honey :D

3. what kind of person am I? Yesterday - the Beatles

4. am I lovable? I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing - David Cook
comment: aww I guess I am XD

5. how can I achieve my highest potential? Welcome to the Black Parade - MCR
comment: by joining the black paraaaaadeeee~

6. what should I do with my life? I'll Stand by You - Gina Glocksen
comment: yes, I should stand by you for the rest of my life, ampe pegel deh

7. is everything going to be alright in the end? Until the Day I Die - Story of the Year
comment: hell yeah it'll be alright until the day I die! (rock)

8. what is my best quality? When I See You Smile - Bad English
comment: My smile is my best quality :D :D :D :D :D AYOK AYOK PANDANGI WAJAH GW YANG SEDANG TERSENYUM!

9. what do you think of your parents? Only One - Yellowcard
comment: YES YES they're my one and only parents! Kok pas bgt deh?

10. what's the meaning of life? Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
comment: aku harus membebaskan diriku dari belenggu ini, ooh

11. what do people think of me? I Wanna Wake Up Where You Are- Goo Goo Dolls
comment: Ppl just love to be with me, they even wanna be near me when they wake up~ very flattering (ge-er abeees)

12. would I make a good lover? Angel - The Corrs
comment: I am soooo good that he compares me with an angel. Okay, this reminds me of something.

13. how crazy am I? I Will Fly - Ten2Five
comment: I am so crazy that I actually think I could fly

14. can he ever really love me? Grace Kelly - Mika
comment: sumpah ngga nyambung banget ahahaha

15. what's going to happen to me this week? Somebody to Love - Anne Hathaway
comment: I can finally found somebody to love (hopefully)

16. where will I be a year from now? Laskar Pelangi - Nidji
comment: gw di pulau seberang sana bikin geng laskar pelangi, azek.

17. what is my fondest wish? Why Not - Hillary Duff
comment: anything could be my fondest wish, i mean why not?

18. how did my parents meet? Thousand Miles - Vanea Carlton
comment: My parents met in USA (i guess), literally a thousand miles from Indonesia. good good..

19. how will I die? Scared - Tiago Iorc
comment: Anjrit, mati ketakutan gw HAHAHAHA. (jadi takut beneran)

20. what song will be played at my funeral? Nothing But a Song - Tiago Iorc
comment: ngga nyambung ah

21. what will happen after I die? Der Pariser Tango - Mireille Mathieu
comment: Everyone's dancing tango after I die? WTH is that?

22. what will I dream about tonight? Wake Up! - Depapepe
comment: I have a bad feeling for tonight's dream

23. what do you do when you see your friends? Find a Way - the Used
comment: We look for a way.. what way?

24. describe yourself? My World is Full With You - Ten2Five
comment: seriously, who are you?

25. what song will I dance to at my wedding? Save the Last Dance For Me - Michael Buble
comment: sweet!

26. what do I say when life gets hard? A-Punk - Vampire Weekend
comment: A-nya maksudnya ass kali ya hahaha. masa sih gw nggak mengucapkan kata2 mujarab kalo lagi sebel?

27. what do I think when I get up in the morning? You and I Both - Jason Mraz
comment: awwww that's sweet y'know. but the problem is, i cant figure out who is this you character? I mentioned him several times before in the previous questions LMAO

28. where would you go on a first date? Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
comment: Ke tempat yang ada burungnya, pasar burung barito? ROFL

29. how does your boyfriend/girlfriend make you feel? What I've Been Looking For - ost HSM
comment: aww I'm flattered

30. how does your ex make you feel? Nothing Lasts Forever - Maroon 5
comment : HAHAHA yea babe, nothing lasts forever. so maybe we should see someone else now.

still feeling bored,

Saturday, 14 November 2009

no wonder 12 is my favourite number

I was reading through my older posts in my blog, reading post after post about my highschool life, dan saya pun tersadar betapa berharganya masa-masa tersebut, terutama kelas Bahasa. Kelas Bahasa tentunya merupakan sebuah turning point in my life sehingga menjadikannya suatu hal yang sentimentil bagi saya. Walaupun hanya terdiri dari 12 personil dengan populasi pria : wanita = 6 : 1, I personally love this class.

We love each other
We hate each other
We talk about each other behind their back
We tease each other
We cheer each other up
We learn about each other
and we care about each other
to be honest, there are also some times we dont give a shit of somebody else's problem. but so far, i think we are all involved when one of us is in trouble.

Maybe that phase is over already, I mean we're not in the same class anymore and we went to different universities (okay, mungkin gw sama chanu masih satu jurusan). So I really want to thank them all for all the memories we had together for nearly two years, both good and bad. I personally think that entering this class was one of the most un-regretable decisions I've ever made.

I remember a time when Ina and I were playing Sudoku in 11th grade math class, our teacher is Pak Estu. He asked us to stop playing sudoku and get on with our assignments but we kept playing the sudoku. He finally gave up and said, "Bapak baru pertama kali dikacangin sama cewe. Biasanya di kelas IPS Bapak bentak dikit langsung nurut, ini cewek cuma dua tapi Bapak dicuekin". Puh-lease, why would I be afraid with a teacher who instead of really teaching us math, he played Chanu's PSP in our math class?

I remember when I accidentally thought that Bu Wulan is one of my classmates. So here's the story : Lagi hari kesekian MOS untuk adek kelas gw, and I decided to watch it dari masjid Labsky with Ina (obviously) and then I suddenly realized my classmates is not in the 3rd floor corridor anymore (sebelumnya mereka juga lagi nonton MOS dari koridor lantai 3. Kelas Bahasa Indonesia ada di lantai 3 soalnya). Jadilah saya dan Ina lari tergopoh-gopoh menuju lantai 3, and I opened the door.
me : (looking inside the class, didn't notice that Bu Wulan was sitting next to one of my classmates) bu Wulan gak ada ya?
lupa-siapa-yang-ngomong : Ngga ada kok
me : Oh (about to close the door and heard a burst of laughing from inside the class) Hah kenapa sih?
Oksa : Ngga kok ngga ada apa-apa
Me : (about to close the door again)
Ina : Eh Nat itu ada bu Wulan!!
And there she was, sitting next to.. I dunno, I kind forgot. Laughing along with my fellow classmates. As a defense I would like to say that we were all wearing Batik at the time! Bu Wulan juga make batik yang mirip motifnya sama motif batik Labschool, jadi wajar dong gw nggak ngeh. LMAO baru hari keempat di kelas XI Bahasa udah bikin onar, ckck.

I remember a time when we all celebrated the last day of English Class, Mr. Icon bought french fries and nuggets and whooaa.. banyak deh snacknya. Bahasa is his his favourite class :)

I remember a time when Ega, Ina and I doodling together in our text books, ketika salah satu diantara kami sedang curhat. Kadang gambarnya berhubungan dengan apa yang sedang kami bahas, kadang gambarnya hanya gabungan-gabungan dari anggota kelas Bahasa. I still have those doodles if you wanna see.

There are a lot of memories, and I treasure them all.

by the way I MISS LAOSHI TINA SO MUCH :'( And as an epilogue of this post, saya ingin mengutip tulisan-tulisan mengenai kelas kami yang pernah ditulis oleh Yuscha di about-me Friendster miliknya.

1. yoga= si raja adek kelas, dia slalu menebarkan teror kepada adik kelas sehingga hampir smua adik kelas sangat takut kalau bertemu dia...
2. canu= si ketua kelas gak becus, bau,brengsek, gak bertanggung jawab plinplan parah,ngeselin banget, hobinya ngemeng...
3. inan= si manusia amoral, tidak pernah diatur kalau dirumah dan tidak akan mau diatur oleh orang2 sekelilingnya kecuali bu tina...
4. ega= si super duper pemalas dan 70% ke sekolah hanya untuk mencari teman dan bermain dota. slalu nempel sm pacarnya layaknya kambing yang diangon...
5. ghani= si kacung abadi baik di cyan maupun di skolah. ingin mempunyai teman banyak dengan cara meng-iyakan perintah2 perkacungan dari teman2 sekitarnya...
6. ina= si asik dgn dunianya sendiri, kalau sudah ada kertas kosong dan pensil sudah pasti yang dikerjakan adalah menggambar anime2...
7. kemal= si pemburu wanita bersama oksa, selalu bertingkah seenaknya seperti raja di arab tinggal suruh sana suruh sini...
8. luddy= si mantan ketua kelas yang hobi triak2 sehingga menimbulkan kegaduhan yg luar biasa...
9. natasha= si freak yg bergaul dengan anak2 mobil di asia afrika. tidak mau mengakui bahwa cintanya kepada ghani masih nggantung...
10. oksa= si pengedar porno labsky yg memegang jaringan besar dunia perpornoan di labsky. semenjak klas 3, gaya hidupnya berubah menjadi hedonis dan selalu mementingkan kehidupan dunia bukan di akhirat...
11. fendy= si mantan pentolan yg sudah kehilangan respectnya sama skali tidak sperti klas 1, sehingga inan saja bisa membantah perkataanya. slalu membangga2kan les mandarinya.
12. yuscha= haaahhhh abis dah gw besok dimaki2 hahahhaa maap yaaakk!!!!:p:p:p

As a defense I would like to say : I DONT HANG OUT WITH THOSE PPL! Just because I have an ex-boyfriend who loves to.. whaddya call it? illegal racing? yeaa whatever in there, doesn't mean I love to hang out there, got it? Geez..

thanks for the memories,

Thursday, 12 November 2009

special quote on a special day for a special person, aaw what am i kidding?

you may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever

forever yours,

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

teach your kid to drive properly! or else.. *middle fingers up*

Setiap kita mau berangkat ke sekolah, ke kantor, ke mall or somewhere lah, pasti orangtua kita akan selalu mengatakan "Nak, hati-hati ya di jalan, jangan lupa kalo nyebrang jalan tengok kanan-kiri" or "Hati-hati, nyetirnya jangan ngebut yaa" or at least cukup sekedar "Ati-ati di jalan".

Tapi pernah ngga sih denger "Jangan nyerobot-nyerobot mobil orang ya, apalagi kalo lagi hujan deras dan di jalan sempit"? NGGAK KAN?? Maybe THAT'S WHY mobil gw hari ini nyebur ke dalem empang ya. Orang Indonesia tidak diajari tata krama dalam mengemudi kendaraan!

I thought today was like my other regular days yang intinya ada traffic jam.. saja. Okay, maybe I can add hujan deras, and that's it. But no no no. There must be an accident. There must be a bloody accident while the rain is pouring down hard and it must happen in the middle of a road yang sempitnya mintyaa ampyuuuuuuunnn bowww!

Dasar motor kurang asem minta digampar, saenak udelmu nyerobot-nyerobot mobilku yang lagi enyak enyaknya berjalan santai, masuk GOT! masuk got, i tell you! watdefag banget hari ini.

Saking paniknya gw (iyak dan bukannya ikut turun dari mobil dan bantuin supir) gw ngetweet dan ngeplurk mengenai kejadian ini, dan menghubungi nyokap gw

mom : yes ma'am!
gw : MA! si papa mana sih sasha telfonin kaga diangkat
mom : lagi nelpon dia, knp? mau ditelpon balik?
gw : ma, sasha nyungsep (kalimat gw kurang lengkap kayaknya)
mom : hah nyungsep dimana kamu?
gw : eh.. mobilnya nyungsep
mom : dimana sekarang?
gw : di.. (tengok kanan tengok kiri, menyesal karena kemampuan navigasi gw jelek sekali. penyesalan memang selalu datang belakangan)
mom : bentar nih bentar, mama panggilin papa..

huhuhu you know what? this is one of the main reason why i dont wanna drive my own car. Selain tentu saja karena kemampuan navigasi gw tidak jauh berbeda dengan anak kelas 2 SD, I literally dont know what to do if i got in a situation like this, or worse! Coba camkan baik-baik di benak kalian semua, ketika tadi mobil gw nyungsep, respon gw adalah "HAH SUMPE LO KITA NYUNGSEP?". Yak, tidak kurang dan tidak lebih. Gw cuma bisa mengatakan kata-kata mujarab itu, dan supir gw layaknya superhero sudah keluar dan mencoba mengangkat mobilnya (anjreeet kuat abees). Namun tentu saja, dia tidak sekuat yang kalian bayangkan. Jadi dia dan beberapa orang lain akhirnya mengeluarkan mobil yang berat itu (dan tentu saja ditambah gw yang ada didalem mobil itu jadi makin berat) keluar dari got.

Coba kalo gw sendirian!
SKENARIO #1 kalo seandainya gw tadi sendirian
i would just sit there and cry my eyes out.

SKENARIO #2 kalo seandainya gw tadi sendirian
gw keluar mobil ujan-ujanan, nyari bantuan dan meninggalkan mobil gw sendiri. Tiba-tiba auto-lock, dan kunci mobil masih tertinggal di dalam beserta HP gw. Nangis meraung-raung di jalanan. Ketabrak mobil. "Hantu Penasaran UI, Menyabotase Mobil Orang Untuk Membalas Dendam Tak Kunjung Padam" released in the cinemas.

SKENARIO #3 kalo seandainya gw tadi sendirian
nelfon 911, eeh.. 123.. eh 14045.. EH ADUH NOMER BANTUAN DI INDONESIA TUH BERAPA YA?????

SKENARIO #4 kalo seandainya gw tadi sendirian
nelfon nyokap minta kirimin pasukan penyelamat dari Jalan Bangka VII Dalam. Mission Possible! Haik!

SKENARIO #5 kalo seandainya gw tadi sendirian
buka jendela, tereak tereak dah "woi bantuin gw dong jing! ngga liat apa gw cewek, kagak ngerti mesti ngapain kalo kayak begini" ngahahahahaha XD

maybe i should re-consider the idea of driving my own car now. seriously.
Pesan moral : Sebagai orangtua yang baik dan ingin mendidik anaknya dengan benar, tidak cukup mengatakan "hati-hati di jalan ya, nak. Jalan pelan-pelan dan jangan lupa tengok kanan-kiri ketika menyebrang jalan". Tapi perlu ditambahkan, "Jangan pernah ente nyalib-nyalib orang atau mobil, apalagi pas ujan deres dan di jalanan sempit. Disumpahin Natasha mampus ente! peace out!"

tjup muach untuk para pembaca, middle finger for the f*cking motorcycle driver yang nyalib gw,

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

buken heksakra, ankle, cabut mpkt, uts batik, friday?

I know it's a bit late to tell this story, tapi gw sangat ingin menceritakan hal-hal yang gw alami pada hari Jumat minggu lalu. (note to myself : good things happened in this day)

The day started with a big yawn and I went for a morning run di SMA LABSCHOOL KEBAYORAN, hell yeah! It's been a long time since I went there, so it's a big pleasure to participate the morning run along with the other Heksakra-ns. Tentu saja lari pagi kali ini sekalian merayakan suatu hal : pembagian buken heksakra. The morning run was fun after all, I met Ria and Tria setelah sekian lama ngga ketemu (in this case I meant Ria, gw udah berkali-kali jalan sama Tria post-graduate karena dia anak UI juga kan yee). The year book is also cool, I mean it. Memang mahal, but I guess it's worth it.

Setelah lari pagi selesai, I went back to my house dan menyiapkan diri buat kuliah, until I realize, I got a sprain in my ankle! My right ankle, my bloody sprained right ankle. Jadilah gw jalan tergopoh-gopoh di UI. Nyampe sana Purez, Trias and I went to this festival terus ada jual-jualan buku (there are a LOT of festivals in my faculty and I cant keep in track about which one is which).

Not long after that Chui and Tipaaw arrived and asked us to join them to have lunch di kantin MIPA. My respond : I would do anything just so I can be late even for a couple of minutes for MPKT. And so akhirnya kita (chui, tipaw dan gw) berangkat menuju MIPA untuk makan di kantin. But things happened as soon as we arrived,
#1 kaki pincang memperlambat jalan
#2 kemampuan navigasi mahasiswa FIB yang jelas tidak dapat digunakan di FMIPA
#3 a little problem that postponed us to get some food
#4 makanannya tipaw telat dateng
#5 there were flies everywhere. I personally had to kipas-kipas makanan chui dan tipaw biar nggak dilaletin LMAO

Akhirnya gw telat setengah jam buat eMPeKeaTai. Awalnya gw panik seketika, but then I realize kapan lagi sih gw bisa cabut? MPKT tuh syusyyyaaaah cabsnya, jadi gw lebih baik meminta restu kepada Tuhan supaya gw cabut aja hari itu :D

that's not the best part..
I ended up........
I swear MPKT never felt so good than that day

Gw nyampe sana malu dan bingung banget karena yang gw kenal cuma anak-anak sastra inggris doang (it turns out si yasu lourin dan bule sedang tidak masuk kelas, and gw baru nyadar kelas mpkt ini walaupun ngga dateng ke UI lo masih diitung masuk kelas kalo ikut diskusi. MOTHER F! curang banget :'( ) Dan nyampe sana gw cuma bisa bengong sambil duduk di sebelah chui, ngebantu dia ngeedit blog dia and so on.

Pulang eMPeKeaTurgaa aw aw aw (najis) kita ke parkiran dan menyadari mobil chui yang diparkir ketutupan mobil orang lain. Kondisinya kurang lebih seperti ini :

p p p p p
. . .
p . p . p p
p . p c p p
x . x x x x

let me see, the P's are the trees, C is Chui's car and the X's are the other cars and the dashes is the main road. So you can see that X number 3 menghalangi mobil Chui (which is chui's fault, dia panik banget parkir mobilnya jadi sampe blesek masuk ke dalem utan nyahahaha dodol). Akhirnya dengan bantuan gw persik dan tipaw sebagai pemandu jalan, chui membuat rute mengelilingi pohon-pohon sempit itu dan finally keluar dari hutan itu!

Biar nggak bingung, the dots is the route. Get it? Whatever, it's hard to explain it anyway (nyerah) So that's the my friday story, ttyl!

till then,

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

my so called lecturers

College is totally different from highschool. VERY different. It has this new atmosphere, new rules, and.. new teacher with their own characteristic and backgrounds. Some of them are nice and sophisticated which totally goes under the lovable lecturers category, but of some them made you your mind twisted and somehow there is like spirits keep telling you to do things like dont-wanna-do-anything-else-besides-kick-your-bloody-ass!

Have you watched Walt Disney's Mary Poppins? She's pretty, sweet, nice, caring and lovable. She totally can sing (obviously) and very sweet to children. Okay, so imagine my lecturer as.. the opposite of her.

wacko, boring, annoying, reminds me a lot of that headmaster of Hogwarts. No, not Albus Dumbledore. You know, that bloody annoying woman that once replaced him during the fifth movie of Harry Potter perhaps. Imagine her, but older! Ugh, what could be more worse.

Nervussio Geekindo of the United Kingdom

He is so proud that he once studied at UK (oh, I'm so proud of him too :') *tears of joy*) But since he has a crush with one of his students, which is one of my classmates, he sometimes gets nervous and everything that makes him talk like this : "so.. so so.. that I.. I.. I think.. la la la and so on so forth"

Have I told you that there are only two rules in his class
1. Nervussio Geekindo is always right, and you guys are always wrong
2. If you found a situation which I am wrong and you are right, please re-read again the first rule
th..tha..thaa..thank you :D It's not that neCHEsarry to admire me right now.

Shakespeare's Angels

In the literature introduction class I have 3 lecturers in a time. I know, right? It's kinda weird because not all of them are teaching me, most of them just sit down and watch their friend teaching us. Bizarre.

Madame Buzy Beellanette

She is as busy as a bee working on a bee hive. She often cancels our class and make a make up class instead (no, we dont learn how to use make ups here). But she is one those admiring and lovable lecturer in the faculty. She is so nice and I so love her accent! It is just so.. British. I'm so jealous of her!

Dr. Belinda "Belle" Virunasia

I can say she is sweet and also has a very good accent (not as good as Madame Buzy Bee though) aaaand.. she is very expert in biology, i guess. She is famous for her discovery of antibiotics to determine viruses.. mmm.. (nod occasionally) in our body.

yeaa.. I know some of you wont reallt understand the things I just shared to you. There's these many things happened in the class, one thing led to another.. and well.. okay.. gw bingung sendiri ngomong apa sebenernya. AHAHAHAH. I think that's all for now, ngantuk banget.

till then,