Friday, 7 September 2012

Finally posting something again

"Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'ĂȘtre aimĂ©" -George Sand

Sometimes I enjoy when I'm feeling vulnerable because during that moment all I want is to stare blankly at my bedroom wall. Literally, cricket sound is the only thing I can hear. And then, the universe enters my head. I think about every single crap that comes on my mind one by one and try to solve it like a Rubik's cube. Although I have to admit that during the process I tend to be cranky and all, I actually enjoy it :P

I haven't posted anything in the past few months. No more excuses, right? Being busy and moody and everything. All I want to say is this term is hopefully my last term at UI. I'm writing my thesis this term, so wish me good luck (or don't, if you don't want to. No pressure).