Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Great Gatsby

Another month to go before they release the new version of The Great Gatsby movie!

I personally like the novel when I read it in Pengkajian Kebudayaan dan Kesusastraan Amerika class a couple of years ago. Before, I rarely read stories that use the 1920s as the setting, with the girls smoking and partying all night long and the guys.. Well, being guys as usual. I like the novel a lot, the character Gatsby is quite mysterious and makes you want to continue reading. I havent read the novel again since a year ago, so I cannot offer you any analisis penokohan about either Gatsby or Nick or Daisy.

Yang jelas, I love(d) the novel. Harus baca lagi dalam waktu sebulan ke depan biar bisa inget lagi.
Not a big fan of the old movie. Kok keingetnya yang main jadi Gatsby itu Gene Kelly ya. Hahaha, I wish!
Mudah-mudahkan yang ini bisa bagus lah.